What does it mean to “Protect the Pack”?

At NC State, we often say that the “strength of the wolf is the pack.” We are encouraged to respect and learn from each other, and also to support and protect—to be each other’s eyes and ears when it comes to matters of health and safety.

Your friends don’t know their limits? Watch out for them. See someone who might be in danger of sexual assault? Step in. Hear words of racism and hate? Stand up and speak out. Someone is having trouble coping? Reach out to them. Encourage others to do the same. Be a friend, be a protector, be a pack.

It is not always easy. It takes courage, and it also takes knowledge to understand our roles and responsibilities; to learn the warning signs of trouble and the most effective ways to help. And just as important, to whom can we reach out when it’s more than we can handle?
Protect the Pack is dedicated to providing information and resources that can help answer these questions.